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The Money Anxiety Cure by Koorosh Ostowari

Just like any relationship, our relationship with money can be a source of great stress and anxiety when not managed skillfully—especially when what fuels our stress and anxiety arises from real or imaginary fear.
However, our relationship with money also has the potential to transform our lives – and the lives of those around us – in rich and abundant ways. By learning practical financial exercises and incorporating mindfulness and somatic practices, you will create a more healthy relationship with your money and be on a path to financial wellbeing.




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The Irritable Male Syndrome by Jed Diamond

This is another life-transforming book for men, and the women who love them, on overcoming the mood and behavior changes caused by fluctuating male hormones. Research shows IMS affects up to 30 percent of males, especially those in adolescence and midlife. Here Diamond presents the most up-to-date research from around the globe to reveal why so many normally loving husbands, fathers, and sons suddenly become irritable, angry, and withdrawn. He identifies the four common triggers – fluctuating testosterone levels, biochemical imbalances, loss of masculine identity, and stress, and shows how best to treat this condition.