My Story

Koorosh Ostowari (ku-rosh ostaWARi) is a first generation American who found business success early in his career and upon his retirement, successfully bridged the gap between spiritual and material worlds by becoming trained as a Spirit Rock Meditation Center Dharma Leader and certified somatic therapist.

Concurrent to that, Koorosh spent several years counseling inmates at Marin County Jail. He also worked with private clients struggling with money anxiety and is a sought after speaker on the topic of mindfulness and money.

Koorosh was honored with a Certificate of Special Recognition by the U.S. Congress, and a Certificate of Recognition by the California State Legislature in part for his public service work within the Northern California prison system, as well as for his work with the public sector, helping clients and students cultivate mindfulness, alleviate anxiety and achieve work/life balance and financial wellbeing. He is the author of “The Money Anxiety Cure: A Path to Financial Wellbeing.”

Coming from Iran as a young boy, Koorosh is sensitive to the plight of immigrants in our current national climate of racial profiling and exclusion. He watched his single mother overcome great financial and cultural obstacles to provide her family with the American Dream. As a way to bring attention to the topic, he found a creative outlet through performance art and has channeled this experience into several theater productions, which have received acclaim at The Marsh Theater in San Francisco.

In the past few years, Koorosh has expanded his outreach and recently embarked on a path to help men refine their goals, master their money, optimize their health, improve their intimate relationships, raise good kids, grow as a leader, and build an inclusive community.